About Adrian

A Travel Content Writer and Copywriter
Who Solves Business Problems
(yes, really)

As a travel marketing manager or travel business owner, you know there are more options than ever for consumers when choosing a destination or booking travel services.

Travellers are also doing more of their own online research. They’re giving more priority to finding the most relevant travel information rather than sticking to brand loyalty. And, they want authentic, personalized travel experiences.

Building Rapport, Trust, and Sales

So how can I help you solve business problems and increase sales? In these four ways:

1.    Write content that emotionally connects with your audience and shows them how they benefit from your business.

2.    Make your travel products or services easier to find online with SEO copywriting.

3.    Increase conversions through persuasive copywriting whether email, landing page, or blog post.

4.    Create authority as a trusted source of information.  

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

As a travel content writer and travel copywriter I deliver high-quality content for:

Tour Operators

Travel Agencies

Boutique Hotels | Resorts | Inns | Lodges

Vacation Rentals

Spas | Wellness Retreats

B2B Travel


What Else You Should Know About Me

Toronto Travel Content Writer Copywriter in Patagonia
Standing on the shore of the charming port ‘City at the End of the World’ Ushuaia, Argentina.

I’m a travel content writer and SEO copywriter based in Toronto who helps travel brands build customer rapport, trust, and sales.

I learned the fine points of fact-based storytelling at Toronto’s Humber College (Journalism). Later, I served as an executive member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

Looking back, travel and the outdoors grabbed my imagination early on. It all started with family vacations, riding in the back of my parents’ car that usually towed a hard top folding camper.

Since those days I’ve pitched a tent and hiked in many Canadian national and provincial parks. I’ve also hiked in Chilean Patagonia and the Nepalese Himalayas.  I’m an avid cyclist with a few century (100 miles) solo rides under my belt, too.

A Hero’s Journey

But what made me really want to write about travel was my discovery of motorcycling. That sparked a hero’s journey of sorts across America on fabled Route 66 within mere months of getting my motorcycle licence.

It eventually led to a national newspaper column, international magazine bylines, and corporate writing related to the sport. Not to mention, creating a route itinerary for an industry-leading international motorcycle tour operator.

An early adopter of digital technology (2007), my live podcast picked up a media award from North America’s largest motorcycle consumer show. Since then I’ve added SEO and WordPress CMS savvy to my digitech bag of tricks.

Travel photography is another of my passions. While scenery can be stunning, I find equal beauty and grace in the faces (and places) of those I photograph along the way.

Oh yeah, and Anthony Bourdain would’ve loved my grape pie!

What’s Your Next Move?

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