Content Writing for Travel Websites That Drives More Traffic

Are the articles on your travel company’s blog driving traffic to your business?

Does your travel business have an e-newsletter? Is it getting read?

What about the overall content writing and copywriting for your travel company website? Is it getting the results you expect?

If not, one reason could be that your content marketing strategy needs more work. Without a solid strategy, your travel business is going to have a hit-and-miss kind of impact.

Robust Travel Content Writing

But maybe your website’s content writing isn’t any different than that of your competition. A lot of content writing out there is too general, repetitive, and uninspiring.

In other words, it just doesn’t engage your audience or clearly show how your products and services differ from (are better than) those of your competitors.

If that’s the case, here are 10 surefire ways to make your website’s content writing and your travel business stand out. They’ll help give your brand a clearly defined voice and personality.

1. Speaks to a specific (niche) audience
2. Relevant to audience needs and interests
3. Can’t-find-this-anywhere-else-original
4. Appeals to emotion
5. Thought provoking
6. Conversational tone
7. Well researched
8. Optimized titles, metadata, and tags (SEO)
9. Consistently tells your business story
10. Compelling call to action

The power of carefully chosen words can elevate the ordinary and move your audience to action. The video below, for example, makes that point in a vivid and memorable way.



Travel Copywriting That Ignites Desire

When robust content writing is combined with skillful copywriting – writing that ‘ignites desire’ – your content compels readers to take action.

They’ll be motivated to click on that link to get your new travel itinerary. Or they’ll share that inspiring adventure travel article with others on social media.

Better still, they’ll want to buy your latest tour package or travel service.

Travel content writing that consistently and authentically engages your prospects and customers leads to greater rapport, trust, and sales.

What’s Your Next Move?

Find out more about how you can drive traffic and convert more leads with my SEO content writing services.  Contact me to write your content or request more information. Let’s talk!



A Travel Content Writer Who Solves Business Problems (yes, really)

As a travel marketing manager or business owner, you know there are more options than ever for consumers when choosing a destination and booking travel services.

That’s not to mention a bunch of other critical factors that can influence a travel consumer’s path to purchase.

Like more and more travellers doing their own online research. They’re also giving priority to finding the most relevant travel information rather than to brand loyalty. And they’re searching for authentic, personalized experiences.

Given such challenges, it makes sense to invest in solutions like eye-grabbing, original content writing as an essential part of your content marketing strategy.

The Simple Travel Content Solution

As a travel content writer, I work with businesses like yours to help you connect with prospects and customers and thrive.

My favourite clients are tour operators, DMOs, CVBs, and meeting and event planners.

How do I help you solve your business problems when it comes to travel content for your website?

First, by clearly understanding your needs. Do you want to increase sales leads? Build brand awareness? Boost customer engagement and loyalty?

Then I work closely with you to deliver a travel content writing solution that fits your exact needs. Simple.

What You Should Know About Me

Travel Content Writer Adrian Blake Pets Baby Llama Toronto High Park Zoo
Spending some quality time with 5-week-old llama ‘Jet’ at Toronto’s High Park Zoo

I’m a travel content writer, copywriter, and podcaster based in Toronto. I caught the writing bug in my early teens, went to journalism school, and have freelanced for the past 20 years.

My writing has appeared in premier inflight magazines (i.e. Singapore Air, LAN Airlines) and consumer magazines mainly in the motorcycling market.

As a national newspaper columnist, I kept readers up to date with road test reviews of the latest motorcycles. Motorcycle owners also picked up tips from my regular e-newsletter content for one of the largest insurance groups in Canada.

My podcast called Ride was recognized with a media MAX Award by North America’s largest motorcycle show. It featured interviews with respected personalities in the industry. (Stay tuned for my new travel podcast coming in 2019)

Besides that? I’m an avid cyclist with two Century rides under my belt so far. I love street photography. I’m (slowly) working on a travel memoir about my end-to-end motorcycle ride on Route 66. And Anthony Bourdain would’ve loved my grape pie.

What’s Your Next Move?

Find out more about how you can drive traffic and convert more leads with my SEO content writing services.  Contact me to write your travel content or request more information. Let’s talk!


SEO Content Writing Services

SEO Content Writing That Builds Trust and Sales

Trust. It’s crucial to the success of your travel business.

When you want to establish trust with your audiences, there’s several ways content writing can help win that trust.

Most importantly, your travel company’s website should use original, authoritative content writing that gives your business an authentic voice, too.

And trust, of course, works hand-in-hand with sales.

That’s where SEO content writing – content that’s been written to rank high in Google and other search engines – sets your travel business apart from the pack.

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques raise your website’s visibility online and that can lead to more content sharing and increased leads and sales.

Where Do You Need SEO Content Writing Help?

SEO content writing services I offer are among the top content marketing tactics for B2C and B2B travel businesses to gain more customers.


Business blogging continues to grow and longer, article-style blog content continues to perform better in search engines.

A typical blog post length (2019) is now more than 1,100 words while the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. These posts have a much more reported-story, magazine feel with solid research and interviews.

The more you blog content of this kind, the greater likelihood your posts will get shared (via social media for example). They’ll also generate more leads.

Blog posts are one of the best ways to redirect visitors to other website content like your e-newsletter, case study, white paper, etc.


E-newsletters are a great way to build a community of loyal fans and followers with high-value, free content emailed on a regular basis.

They can be as simple as a one-page format that focuses on a single topic. Freebies like destination guides, travel deals, and exclusive offers give your audiences incentive to subscribe right away.

Case Studies

B2B case studies are similar to word-of-mouth testimonials by customers who love your services or products.

They’re best-suited to creating awareness of a problem and how it was solved for a client. They also offer consumers a show of trust in your business and your clients benefit from mention in the study.

White Papers

White papers are different from case studies. They’re in-depth reports that use research to help B2B prospects better understand a problem. Or, they outline new trends and opportunities.

They also position you as an authority which is why 71% of B2B businesses surveyed use them to market their products. (Content Marketing Institute, 2017)


Consider a ghostwriter who writes content that you publish under your own name. If you’re a busy travel business exec with no time to write blog posts or pieces for trade and industry journals, this could be the way to go.

What’s Your Next Move?

Find out more about how you can drive traffic and convert more leads with my SEO content writing services.  Contact me to write your content or request more information. Let’s talk!


Travel Content Portfolio

Freelance Writing That Engages, Informs, and Inspires

Like most of your travel marketing colleagues, you find there’s never enough time to create quality written content.

As a result, you’re constantly under pressure to produce content that resonates with prospects and customers alike. Above all, it’s got to be original, informative, memorable, and persuasive if you want to build leads and sales.

That, my friends, is when a freelance writing professional can really help you.

One who thinks like a journalist and crafts engaging content that educates and informs.

One who also thinks like a content marketer and inspires your audiences to take action with compelling copywriting.

And especially one who’s passionate about travel and knows that a double open-jaw isn’t a dental procedure. Nor is egotourism an actual travel term (but should be).

What I Can Do for You

So let me help you take the stress off.

My journalism experience has taught me how to sniff out a story idea and develop it into authoritative travel content. Content that’s also search engine friendly, by the way.

That goes for website articles like how-to’s and tutorials, lists, reviews, profiles, roundups, and itineraries, to name a few.

Do you need pithy, informative pieces for your e-newsletter? What about a lead-generating e-book? A case study, perhaps?

For uber-busy travel executives, I ghostwrite thought-leadership articles for industry journals and online publications.

Want to know the latest travel trends, news, and travel marketing tips? Follow me on Twitter. That’s where I daily curate some of the best travel industry information out there.

Freelance Writing Praise

“Adrian is not only a strong writer, but also an enthusiastic and knowledgeable creative partner. He helped keep our approach and our content interesting, accessible and authentic.”
Senior Account Director, Ariad Communications, Toronto

“Adrian’s work is consistently compelling, informative and entertaining, and Adrian himself has proven his professionalism time and again. He’s a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to read.”
National Newspaper Editor, Sun Media (Canada)

“A travel writer who continues to impress me with his originality and personalized communications (you should see his initial introductory letter – it was brilliant!)”
Content Editor, Penton/Informa

Freelance Writing Samples

What’s Your Next Move?

Find out more about how you can drive traffic and convert more leads with my SEO content writing services.  Contact me to write your content or request more information. Let’s talk!



How to Carve Out Content Marketing Strategy that Rocks (and Rolls)

Content marketing is a lot like skateboarding a long curve (called carving). In both cases you need to take the long view, yet be agile enough to flow with every curve thrown at you. You need patience. Most importantly, you need a plan. When it comes to your travel business, a documented content marketing strategy …

Travel Podcast

The TRAVELS Podcast

The TRAVELS podcast will feature inspiring, entertaining, and informative interviews with travellers, travel authors, and travel industry professionals.

You’ll learn useful travel tips and trends, hear amazing travel stories, and discover where to find the hottest new destinations, accommodation, and tours to name just a few upcoming show themes.

NEW DATE: The half-hour series kicks off in 2019.


Hire A Content Writer Who Gets You More Customer Love

What travel business doesn’t want more customer love? Exactly. When you hire a content writer who specializes in writing content for the travel industry, you’re already a step ahead of the game.

You want to work with a travel content writer who understands your unique content needs. A content writer who works with you to solve those unique problems. And a content writer who shares many of your core work values.

Who’s My Ideal Client?

For me, integrity and communication take top billing when you hire a content writer. More to the point, these values are what I look for in an ideal business client:

Values integrity, initiative, and creativity

Communicates needs in a timely, specific manner

Regards me as a vital member of their team

Works collaboratively

Sees my fees as fair and reasonable

Ultimately wants to foster a long-term business relationship

Pardon My Horn

Just a toot to let you know what others think:

“Adrian is not only a strong writer, but also an enthusiastic and knowledgeable creative partner. He helped keep our approach and our content interesting, accessible and authentic.”
Senior Account Director, Ariad Communications, Toronto

Start with These Guidelines

Alright, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of your proposed content writing project. Start with these guidelines to help me understand what you want me to do and how you want it done.

They’ll help you better define your project before you contact me. Because sometimes all it takes to gather your ideas is to write them down in a simple format like this. That can go a long way toward helping me provide you with a more accurate estimate, too.

Get in Touch!

Want to hire a content writer to help you drive more traffic to your travel website and convert more leads? Contact me to write your content or request more information. Email me or use the form below.